Yuri's Revenge – Let's Finish A Game With Slave Miners Rush!

Yuri's Revenge – Let's Finish A Game With Slave Miners Rush!

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a real-time strategy video game by Westwood Pacific, which was released for Microsoft Windows on October 23, 2000 as the follow-up to Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Red Alert 2 picks up at the conclusion of the Allied campaign of the first game. Its expansion is Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge.

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  1. hey man, can you tell me what's the point of building so many barracks and war factory? i can understand 2 or 3, but you build so many.

  2. Wish ea didnt force me to rebuy this game juat to play it on modern windows.. i have my original copies but i cant even install them. Shouldnt have to rebuy a game to play it

  3. Awesome thumbnail artwork

  4. Can you make a video of how you got your Yuris Revenge to work on your computer?

  5. do you have a link to download this game? I really miss playing this.

  6. Link download game ?

  7. Actually your skills are poor

  8. where download game?

  9. بدي رابط هي اللعبة اللي يعرفه يحطه بتعليق على طلبتها على الانترنت ومالقيتها

  10. Please, share file this game in my gmail : zakariallah46@gmail.com 🙏🙏🙏 Because every download there is always a virus or incomplete file… Thanks a lot

  11. Can you do I guide how to run ra2 proper on win 10 please?

  12. Link Downloand this Game Please

  13. What will you get if you send a spy in a lab as Yuri?

  14. Happy new year everybody

  15. Play MO 1vs3 Hard Brutal Enemy

  16. This game is hard enemy, but why blue team easy to defeated? Can you brief is it this is normal game or fast mode?

  17. zoom: hears "kirov reporting"
    instantly starts spamming gattling guns

  18. how do you set the resolution of the game I wonder if you can not get outside 640×720 I would appreciate if you help

  19. This music makes me hard

  20. I cant play it this fast….

  21. madlad

  22. Hey try 7vs1 with Mental Omega

  23. I would like to see you win a game where you have all 3 big faction bases ( a allied, soviet and Yuri base)

  24. how to download the game in windows 10 ?Most YouTube vids don't work.

  25. Here is as game that I miss. Red Alert 2 Yuris revenge was so enjoyable. Just like command and conqueror generals.

  26. Succes

  27. great game to start 2020

  28. All's I can think of next is not using psychics against the opponents. That means the towers too, using the psychic satellite is okay, but nothing that controls enemy troops. So at any rate, just rush in with Gatling Tanks, those were ridiculous

  29. Please win a game vs 7 just with conscript or GI

  30. Please win a game vs 7 just with conscript or GI

  31. Please win a game vs 7 just with conscript or GI

  32. Việt Nam Lào Campuchia

  33. The Soviet Miner :

  34. thanks for your mod, it's useful & much fun

  35. One of the best expansion for a game eva!

  36. Will you do only barracks challenge?

  37. Brutal enemies got nothing on Yuri. Keep feeding yuri for more money! Lol

  38. comment.. Keep it up Zoom

  39. The awkward moment when the apocalypse tanks get into your mass of slave miners…

  40. Done 👍👍👍👍👍

  41. Hey zoom , i love your videos

  42. Can't seem to make it run

  43. I have a problem with downloading red alert 2 and yuri revenge

  44. Can’t wait to see Chrono-Ivan challenge!

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