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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus offers up one of the most honest depictions and criticisms of Nazism and bigotry in modern mainstream games, and part of that is due to its “b”-game-like nature–similar to b-movies that transgress the standards of their time.
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  1. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus checks all the campy boxes of a "B"-game, but it actually does a far better job at depicting the horrors of Nazism than far more historically accurate games set during World War 2.

  2. Some characters in Wolfenstein, including Anya, Deathshead, Fergus, J, and Set Roth, do kinda come of as stereotypes, but they still somehow have more personality and depth than any character in Call of Duty. The ONLY characters that ever left an impression on me in THAT franchise, was Reznov, though that's mostly because he's voiced by my favorite actor.

  3. Heck, the New Order actually put you inside a work camp, albeit briefly. We saw a fair bit of horror their Later on the Moon Base, we see how BJ is so disgusted by the dehumanizing spread by the regime, he cuts off the strip of skin that a machine tattooed a prison number on.

  4. Wolfenstein II is oddly brilliant. It lampoons the Nazis while depicting the danger of Nazism. Its schlock but its genius schlock.

  5. So, i'm so far behind on many games, but I just finished Wolfenstein: The New Order, and that ending and those side characters in your base has more emotional weight to them, than pretty much any AAA game has in a long time.

  6. 2:05
    Bee Movies are actually movies that are about Barry Bee Benson, but it's an honest mistake.

  7. Huh so because a FICTIONAL VIDEO GAME didn't potray something controversial or focuses more on physical attributes instead of actual context of the story that they're basing their game off of that means it's worse?????????

  8. Yeah, so if these games included graphic scenes of the Holocaust, then groups say that people are "Using" the Holocaust and exploiting the suffering of MILLIONS to sell a product. There is no winning. Show Holocaust – People are angry, Don't show Holocaust – People are angry. It's a no win scenario.

  9. But Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is about alternate era, and you be played as a resistance, fighting against the Nazis and the last hope for liberty.


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