Werewolf Game Villagers Side trailer


2nd year high school student Airi wakes up in a dark room with her best friend Naoko. Eight other high school students are there with them. They have all been kidnapped and forced to play a deadly game devised by a cruel, deadly unknown entity. The one behind this terror, the game maker, issues instructions and game rules through written messages on a video monitor.
The skeptical high schoolers are told “You are all villagers, among you are two hidden werewolves. You must find and kill these werewolves by 9 pm.”
The assorted group of attractive young high school students are initially confused and disbelieving.
Until the screen shows another message.
“Failure to select and kill one among you by 9 pm means you will all die.”
Why have they been chosen to play the game?
Who can possibly survive this cruel game?
Let the deadly game begin.

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  1. why would they make a live action instead of an anime. lets be real, all live actions are shit with the exception of a few. it doesnt look or feel natural. why make a live action, nobody will watch it. just make a fucking anime

  2. No idea why japanese so obsessed with live action knowing 99% chance it will turn into shit. The 1% is rouruni kenshin.

  3. Damn that girl is hot
    BTW i'm coming here because the manga jinrou game has only 18 chapters and it is still ongoing


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