Werewolf Game Villagers Side trailer

Werewolf Game Villagers Side trailer

2nd year high school student Airi wakes up in a dark room with her best friend Naoko. Eight other high school students are there with them. They have all been kidnapped and forced to play a deadly game devised by a cruel, deadly unknown entity. The one behind this terror, the game maker, issues instructions and game rules through written messages on a video monitor.
The skeptical high schoolers are told “You are all villagers, among you are two hidden werewolves. You must find and kill these werewolves by 9 pm.”
The assorted group of attractive young high school students are initially confused and disbelieving.
Until the screen shows another message.
“Failure to select and kill one among you by 9 pm means you will all die.”
Why have they been chosen to play the game?
Who can possibly survive this cruel game?
Let the deadly game begin.

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  1. why would they make a live action instead of an anime. lets be real, all live actions are shit with the exception of a few. it doesnt look or feel natural. why make a live action, nobody will watch it. just make a fucking anime

  2. No idea why japanese so obsessed with live action knowing 99% chance it will turn into shit. The 1% is rouruni kenshin.

  3. I watched it yesterday night..it so..oh god🥺😌

  4. Actually who is were wolf…i am just think is marie only…who another one…?

  5. Is there a sequel??please answer

  6. I got this movie on my on 😊… Already download it 👍🏻 best movie

  7. worst movie I've ever seen..

  8. Full movie please ? 🥺

  9. Where can i watch this movie subbed? 🙁

  10. I saw it earlier and it seems quite interesting..but I just watch half of it

  11. Is this how the Mafia Game came to be?

  12. Is this fan made?

  13. Just read the manga, these live actions movies are terrible lol they should had made an anime instead

  14. What danganronpa ripoff is this

  15. interesting

  16. can i get a full movie ?

  17. please for the love of god someone sub this film series!

  18. Damn that girl is hot
    BTW i'm coming here because the manga jinrou game has only 18 chapters and it is still ongoing

  19. wasn't this a manga

  20. This show is kind of fucked up

  21. was zur hölle

  22. where can I find the subs???

  23. its been out for so long, why hasnt anybody even subbed it

  24. where can i watch this?

  25. where can I get subs

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