Warframe (Guide) – What Are Rivens & Riven Disposition (Subjective Analysis)

Warframe (Guide) – What Are Rivens & Riven Disposition (Subjective Analysis)

Warframe (Guide) – What Are Rivens & Riven Disposition (Subjective Analysis)

Well this one is a bit different from the norm. I started-out by wanting to do a guide on what Rivens are but somewhere along the way I bled-in some of my personal opinions on the whole system. Hopefully this should get you a much better perspective on my perspective and overall I like that we have a system such as this but I do think a bit of tweaking can make it even better.
You can also access full information on Riven Mods here:

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Wait so heres the thing i wanted a baza prime riven and i paid 100p for a riven that says fits in baza can it also fit in baza prime or dis i waste my plat

  2. 12:00 how do you display that picture there on the floor?

  3. To get ez kuva u can buy 10k from nightwave for 30-60 cred offerings

  4. Nice?

  5. Thanks bro

  6. Bruh sell your mods

  7. Quality video

  8. i have like 45 riven i sold 30 of them now i have 5600p

  9. I have 10,000 kuva from the nightwave XD

  10. Can you buy a riven mod

  11. I SAW THAT 5:19

  12. I think if you equip the unveiled riven to a weapon it should be that weapon but the stats should be rng, allowing for the gamble but making it not so impossible to get that one you want

  13. Is a riven with high MR better than the lower MR one, should I roll a MR9 riven or just wait for a higher MR riven to spend my kuva in?

  14. I use the scourge so there is probs a 5 riven disposition lol

  15. great and simple video explainded! thx

  16. I have a very stupid question:
    The mr cap on a riven doesn't matter or is it more likely to get the highest value possible from the dispo if it's a high mr riven (I trade a lot rivens and it's a shame that I never understood that)

  17. I got talon riven +400% dmg 5 dot dispo so 800%?

  18. ooof got a 250 crit and 156 cold dmg tonkor riven

  19. who got a rubico riven for me?😩

  20. Rivens, something you don't get from sorties.

  21. Riven capacity…


  22. Im sooooooo
    Yesterday i Got Mara detron and then i Got a god-like Riven for it

  23. Hey I have a question about rerolling rivens, does the polarity of the mod have anything at all to do with the stats it carries? Does that mean as long as im rerolling I will always have a chance of a good mod?

  24. The first riven I unveiled was a Fulmin riven, im trying to decide between being a chad gamer or joining the dark side and selling it

  25. Thank you so much, I had no clue negatives make positives stronger

  26. I think you just wanted to show off your Atomos riven 😆. (…..i want it….)

  27. Nice

  28. First Pistol riven…. POX elctric. damge+ Pois. damage and multishot😍😍

  29. You sound like you're talking in an empty mansion

  30. thanks for the vid

  31. ive never gotten a riven from sortie, its either the avyan treasure or kuva

  32. Is this Website safe? I am planning to register. Because as far as I've heard there are no 2 factors authorization which I am afraid to register. Thanks! 🙂

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