UFC 3 Gameplay – Bruce Lee vs Conor McGregor

UFC 3 Gameplay – Bruce Lee vs Conor McGregor

What would happen if the most famous martial artist of the 70s faced arguably the most famous mixed martial artist of today? We’ll never know, but here it is played out in UFC 3.

UFC 3 Beta Gameplay – Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

UFC 3 Career Mode Gameplay Details – 5 Things You Need to Know:

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  1. The first arm bar I ever seen was in his opening match in Enter the Dragon.

  2. So bruce isn't dead…

  3. ufc should make a mode where you can create and customize your own fighter and have him work his way up the ufc

  4. My grandpa thinks these are real😥

  5. Whaaaat🤯🤯🤯

  6. These vids are 378% worthless…
    None of the computers are fast enough… Archive these goofy cartoons and redo them in 30 years after the second global outbreak of the coronavirus.

  7. This is like putting Superman in injustice: gods among us and not displaying the full strength and speed of Superman. They had to nerf him just to put him in the game.

  8. Busli

  9. Is it just me or does ufc 2 look better

  10. Watching Lee kick in this game is like seeing someone get slapped with a wet fish. It's just too ridiculously slow.

  11. Watch McGregor vs Nightwolf from mortal kombat

  12. 1:50 Did Bruce Lee just squeal????????

  13. How does they program the commentator to give a comments about the player in this game? Its amazing… oh and while the player is still playing

  14. jajajaja a bruce lo han hecho mas lento que una babosa con reuma

  15. Bruce Lee had the speed and reflexes of a house fly

  16. Wow nice fight

  17. Bruce Lee It`s the best from ufc 3

  18. Nice video man

  19. Nice Video Man

  20. Nice Video Man

  21. What the hell, in reality from Conor in the first 10 seconds and wet place is not left

  22. Цой против Конора

  23. UFC talking about McGregor: Combination of strikes
    UFC talking about Bruce Lee: His chin is legendary

  24. as much as i love conor mcgregor .. lets be real here , he would barely touch bruce lee .. wouldnt even be a contest ..

  25. Half of these kids haven't seen Bruce Lee
    His punches were as fast 190km/h
    Conor McGregor said that Bruce would beat him and aswell most fighters use Bruce Lee's techniques

  26. bruce is legend

  27. bruce was much faster

  28. why?

  29. nobody:
    everyone in the comments: smh smh smh smh smh smh smh

  30. It's crazy how Bruce Lee was thousands times faster than this 😭

  31. Wtf was Joe Rogan talking about? When did we ever see Bruce Lee get hit in the chin?? 😂

  32. En la realidad, bruce lee no tendría problemas con Connor y lo derrotaría como a muchos grandes derrotó bruce lee

  33. fight starts at 4:08
    even tho you scrolled very deep and probably got to the fight already

  34. In conclusion: Bruce Lee 4 Smash Brothers (using the 100% of his speed)

  35. Looks like heavyweight

  36. A huge disrespect for Bruce Lee

  37. as someone who isn't into mma it was only interesting until the fight started DDD:::

  38. Connor McGregor wouldn't of hit him in real life…one quick punch Ko

  39. Conor would be on his back in 20 seconds.

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