Troll Face Quest Video Memes – All LEVELS ALL Secret Funny Hints Gameplay Walkthrough

Troll Face Quest Video Memes – All LEVELS ALL Secret Funny Hints Gameplay Walkthrough

Troll Face Quest Video Memes By SPIL GAMES

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Fans of free escape games will just love the brained new levels of video memes filled with twisted slapstick humor, unfortunate toilet fates and well-planned clicks (or tricks)!

Entertain your brain with more point-and-click teasers full of jokes, pranks and puzzles that will make fun of anyone and everyone that received too much attention.
Each level will have you scratching your head or laughing out loud to test your be-awareness to the limit.

Find hidden objects, sing just-in beavers and goats OR test some flex against muscles from Brussels.

Click your way out of various sticky situations in a make-fun or be-made-fun-of comic FANtasy.
You can expect:
– 48 braind new levels of hilariously stupid riddles and teasers!
– A series of funny head-scratching, stomach aching meme-magic mini games
– More multi-colored graphics and animation!
– 6 TFQ unlucky bonus levels to face!
– Cool new sound effects: squeeks and eeks in perfect ha-ha harmony!
– Where else can you make fun of videos, celebrities and yourself in one game?


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  7. Hey how you get past level 5?

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  16. Lmao, the fact this guy plays on iPhone (15:40)
    Troll quest which insults iPhone on the level where guy drops "bannana" phone in mixer😂😂

  17. Level failed

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  19. なひなはなはねさねなあはやあてほはやはあたゆやたひつゆにらや

  20. Since I can't go outside due to the lockdown (quarantine), this is definitely going to be on my list of games to play.

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  23. 10:59 DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 9:12 That was a good solution to stop that jumpscare….

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  34. Thank you for the video and you made me complete all the levels! You the best! I will Subscribe!

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  38. This is so funny

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  40. i love troll face quest

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