Top 100 Games of All Time 10-1


Tom & Zee share their Top 100 games of all time! This time its 20-11! They are joined by Roy & Mike for the people’s Choice!

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  1. You can’t get epic in a short space of time. No I agree but I’m pretty sure you can get epic in two hours instead of eight hours! 😝 I can’t remember any of my TI games bar one, you never know why it needs to take so long.

  2. I bet more Americans vote on this than us in Uk. I can’t recall the last time I saw Blood Rage hit a table over here. Demographics make a lot of difference I feel.

  3. Maybe this has already been done. It would be interesting to see them rank the games in their collections. I assume their current Top 100 list is in their collections (if they own 100 or more games).

  4. January 2020, Both Zee and the People dropped Pandemic from their number #1 spot. Pandemic: "Oh yeah, I will show you who is number one then." The rest is history. (Sorry, Spoilers, but come on, it's been almost 4 months)

  5. No. 8 – Dominion: (paraphrase) 'I only want to play with new players, or experts.' i.e. 'I want to win in twenty minutes as a forgone conclusion or I want to lose in twenty minutes as a foregone conclusion.' Or we're all experts, in which case I'd (hopefully) want to play a better deckbuilder.

    Dominion's influence is undisputed. Top ten best of all time?? Not at all.

    Case in point: talking about optimal card play for a game with more than 2 expansions and only talking about 1 card, and that one card is only an option because IT COULD BE awesome.

    This is a solved game, and it's more expensive than tic-tac-toe and sudoku. Doesn't belong on top ten of all time. Influential, yes. In my collection? No.

  6. is it possible to list the games mentioned by each presenter in the details section under the Video on YouTube?

  7. "The movies are better than the books", perhaps, if one likes seeing teenage heartthrob elves shooting arrows while snowboarding down stairs on shields (as a reminder:

    …schlock CGI superhero action flick 1, …expansive living world of literature 0.

    True, Tolkien certainly was less adept at CGI, but if one had to sit back and listen to the story being told in the movies without the visuals, and then left to ponder who was the superior storyteller, as the saying goes, if you have to ask, you'll never know.

    The sad things is that out of everything in this video that is the line I can't get out of my head.

  8. I love Heroes of Land, Air and Sea. I was an All-In- Backer, but I don´t get it on the table, because my game group is filled with jerks.

    Oh and by the way, I like that 4 person set-up (even if I still miss Sam) and don´t care about the length. I would even watch you guys fooling around for four hours.

  9. I come to support Roy: I played TI 3rd and thought of never touching the thing again (10 hours), I happened to end up playing 4th… and then played it 3 more times: never over 6 hs (5 players); and yes, time goes by and you don't notice 🥰

  10. Good job Roy for including War of The Ring, amazing game! Those condescending remarks from others were really uncalled for (with Sam it would have been even worse because he mentioned too many times how much he dislikes this game). And Tom's opinion that movies are better than books is not even worth commenting.

  11. My top 10:
    10. Trickerion: Legends of Illusion/Hero Realms
    09. Scythe
    08. Caverna: The Cave Farmers
    07. Star Wars TCG
    06. Twilight Imperium 3rd edition
    05. Spirit Island
    04. Blood Rage
    03. Anachrony
    02. Star Wars: Rebellion
    01. Gloomhaven

  12. Suggestion: At the bottom of your screen, when you are discussing your game, could you add 1] Type of game, 2] # of players 3] Time 4] Difficulty to play or teach. It would help me in my decision to buy.

  13. I recently played Blood Rage for the first time, i was really keen to see what all the hype is about, and WOW, was it profoundly underwhelming. The lands you're battling over simply improve the skills of your clan? Really? What does that even mean? Also, getting extra points for maxing out said skills because they wouldn't be helpful in the end game otherwise feels like lazy game design. On top of that, the players in our game sometimes roamed around the board simply to attack other players, because you can only fight once in every land. Why the limitation? It doesn't make sense in terms of theme. Plus, the board doesn't even look good, and the session we played took 3 hours! I also don't like runaway leaders, and in that game the winner almost overtook me in terms of points at the end. He did play the game wrong for a good chunk though, so i'm not sure how much of that is the fault of the game.

    It comes down to this: Why would i play Blood Rage ever again when i can play Inis?

  14. Thank you for doing these lists, very insightful. I was wondering if you could do a top 100 games of all time that excludes games from the past 5 years. I find many of the games in the top 100 fall into the 'cult of the new' craze and do not have staying power (case and point, TIME Stories). I think it would help those in the hobby to make more informed purchases by doing such a list. I don't believe Legacy or Campaign games will last the test of time as they lack replay value (or if they have replay value it will diminish over time as the lure of unlocking envelopes and permanently changing the board will significantly drop as these opportunities get used up). So it would be interesting to see where these Legacy and Campaign games, dare I include Gloomhaven, will be in our top 100 games (not experiences) of all time 5 years from now.

  15. I wish I could see why everyone seems to love Abyss so much. I found it to be completely overproduced and boring; even if it is beautiful. The theme is completely tacked on as well. Really wanted to like this one but just couldn’t.

  16. Roy is out of place amongst the other 3. He mostly keeps quiet during discussions of other people's games, and is always itching to quickly start when it is coming to his turn. He's just dying to say what he wants to say, instead of it being an actual conversation or discussion. Think he's out of his league here.

  17. I hate that with board games its so hard to find a game that everybody likes. Everybody likes different board games for different reasons. There are so many games and even if I check videos about it and something seems like a cool game, I buy it and somebody don't like it. Only game that everybody in my family seems to like is ticket to ride.

  18. wingspan in on this list? really? why??beacuse the hype is more important than the game….. stonemaier is good in this. tonns of better games with this mechanism

  19. Seems like Mike is more the voice of the people for me, than the actual list of the people, lol. Own 5 out of his picks (Wingspan, Paladins, Five Tribes, Raiders & Scythe).

    The people came second with 4 games (Great Western Trail, Wingspan, Terraforming Mars & Scythe)

    Zee came third with 3 games (Empires of the North, Deus & Five Tribes)

    Tom came fourth with 1 game (Scythe)

    And I own zero out of Roy's picks, lol.

  20. I love how far Tom and DT have come. It’s been over 12 years and Tom still puts it on top at #1 of All Time. Today… I’m going to learn to play this game.

  21. Why is it, that I’ve been playing table tops for years and years, and am deeply engrossed in the hobby, while also regularly watching Dice Tower, and I’ve still never heard of half the games on this list? How am I so out of loop?


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