THOR GOD OF THUNDER Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD] – No Commentary


THOR GOD OF THUNDER Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full THOR GOD OF THUNDER Gameplay on Xbox 360. This THOR GOD OF THUNDER Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the Xbox 360 and will include the full Campaign.


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Thor: God of Thunder is an Marvel Superhero action hack and slash video game based on the Marvel Studios film Thor. Thor: God of Thunder marks Thor’s first standalone appearance in a video game and features the voices of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Jaimie Alexander, who reprise their roles from the film. The game begins in medias res with Asgard being invaded by the Jötun (frost giants from Jotunheim). Thor, meanwhile, is training with Sif and his brother Loki. Their training is interrupted, however, by the arrival of the Frost Giants. While Loki leaves to inform Odin about the invasion, Thor is left to fight alone after Sif is frozen by one of the arriving jötun. After quickly fending his enemies off and setting Sif free, Thor goes to Odin’s castle to defend Asgard. Thor battles through the numerous worlds of Norse mythology to save Asgard. Players will wield the iconic Mjölnir, Thor’s legendary hammer, to fight enemies of an immense scale while controlling the elemental storm powers of lightning, thunder and wind to vanquish enemies. Thor must overcome monstrous foes lifted from the pages of the comics, including Ulik, Ymir and Surtur as well as other daunting enemies.

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  1. I had to mute a few places in the video because of BS copyright claims where you BARELY hear any background music. And it doesn't even help to turn off the music in many games because they will still play in the cutscenes, which then all get copyright claims on YouTube. Unfortunately, the music industry has destroyed YouTube and gaming channels have to be super careful when it comes to music in games. I'm getting closer and closer to start uploading my videos on Twitch as well so you guys can still watch my videos with in-game music turned on. Right now I have to mute a lot when I edit my videos.

    If we get enough support on Twitch then I'll keep playing with the music turned on and upload all my videos there. Right now they are much better than YouTube when it comes to dealing with in-game music. Twitch still sucks with discoverability for channels that upload VODs since its main focus is live streaming, but hopefully, we can get more people over there since YouTube is getting worse for gaming channels.

  2. Hello, my son play this game in the 3ds xl. He played all the levels of the (WORLD TREE), but he got to the point where he does not know what the mission is or if the game is over. Can you clarify the doubt?


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