The Thing (PC) – (Longplay | Hard Difficulty)

The Thing (PC) – (Longplay | Hard Difficulty)

Game: The Thing
Language: English
Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Difficulty: Hard

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  1. Thank you for fighting through this game because it was so bad

  2. i couldnt stand the user interface of this game. they must not turn console games into pc games. it is a crime.

  3. This game should made by teltale games.

  4. I always thought it was funny that if u let ur guys stay scared shitless long enough, they'd die. Literally scared to death 😬😲😱😵

  5. The spread of the COVID-19 is just the beginning.

  6. This game is hard to beat long time ago and scary as hell.

  7. LMAO at the guys that stayed still outside the elevator so they could get blown to bits by the bomb XD.
    They were like: Don't worry pal,we are just useless NPC companions so only you can escape while we die…Sayonara Sucka!

  8. This was one hell of a game I still own it for the PS2 version.

  9. "We got companyyy…"
    The Game

  10. Game favorit tahun 2002

  11. Poor Childs…..I was hoping he and Mcready would have been rescued

  12. 3:23:45 and 3:25:46 They're T-posing to assert their dominance.

  13. my copy of the thing on pc has missing audio on cutscenes, does anyone knows how to fix this?

  14. 3:7:47 startled me lol

  15. 1:47:05 "check this out!"
    "Appreciate it!"
    both men begin vomiting profusely

    Also, the fact that it ends with Macready saving Blake is just crazy.

  16. olm ya anılarım canlandı küçükken oynamıştım öyle bir korkuyordumki

  17. Fckin spiders

  18. I remember this game pretty fondly, but it hasn't aged well. With 17 years of hindsight (GOD I can't believe it's been that long), it's clear that this one was rushed from probably the 50% finished mark. Nothing about this game was technically mold-breaking or revolutionary for the time, the voice acting is passable at best, the foreboding musical cues break the 4th wall constantly and somehow manage to remove tension when trying to create it, the game looks very sparse (probably the biggest sign it was rushed), there are cutscenes/bird's eye view sequences that have no sound, the color scheme is very monotone…lots to criticize.

    The best thing about this game was the premise, and the first half of the plot. Other than that, it needed so much more fleshing out. This game did feel creepy at the time, but it doesn't wear well at all this many years later. It's a game that I think deserves a remake, though, because today's tech can make this premise so much more. I think Dead Space 1 may have robbed some of the shock value though, because that was basically The Thing in space (minus the person-to-person paranoia horror), with some of this plot built in.

  19. also 3:00:51

    don't mind me while checking this pc

  20. game turns into pretty much half life first person shooter.

  21. nice game

  22. Wish they would redo the infection system into a open world where the game re randomize every playthrough

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