The Thing | Full Playthrough | Longplay Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary HD


The Thing (Full Game Movie Playthrough) – Longplay Gameplay Walkthrough Letsplay Part 1, Ending. 1080P [No Commentary]. PS2/XBOX/PC, Difficulty Normal.

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This is a Complete Playthrough, Walkthrough of The Thing, played on PS2.

Game Description –
“The game begins at U.S. Outpost 31 in Antarctica, a short time after the events of the film. Two teams of U.S. Special Forces have arrived to investigate the U.S. camp and the nearby Norwegian camp. Whilst investigating Outpost 31, Beta Team soon discover the small spacecraft made by the Blair-Thing and a tape recorder with a message from R.J. MacReady, describing how nobody trusts anybody anymore. They then find information detailing how the base has been infiltrated by an extraterrestrial lifeform that is capable of imitating the physical appearance and characteristics of any living organism.”

Developer – Computer Artworks.
Publisher – Konami, Vivendi, Vivendi Games, Black Label Games, Universal Interactive.
Platform – PC/XBOX/PS2.
Release – 2002.

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  1. What the hell happened to Fisk? You find in the cell, bring him to the elevator and POOF. That always bothered me in my own playthroughs. Anyone else?

  2. I remember being a little kid watching the super bowl with friends and family and there was a. Commercial for this game. Rented it from the store but as an 8 year old didn’t get far within the 48 hours I had. I killed one little crawling thing. Never knew that years later this would become my go to movie for when it first snows every winter.

  3. I am playing this game on PC,but O have a problem. The 1:13:20 cutscene doesn't start. Its like If the door os closed,so I cannot advance. Thats a shame

  4. I remember playing this when i was younger and i could never figure out what to do and id be scared af. so id be stuck on like the very first objective then one day i just started exploring and got attacked by little monsters and i never played again.

  5. Everyone wondering what the time line is and what game comes before what movie but the real fans know John carpenters 1982 film is the one and only you should pay attention too.

  6. the weird pard is: people don't actually want to "shoot things" all the time… copying doom/quake was a tragic error that ruined games for decads.

  7. a very interesting game. If only we get remasters of this game on newer consoles or PC or simply another "The Thing" game but unfortunately, Vivendi doesn't care about it, that's kinda sad, especially that a sequel of this game was planned after the success of this game, but they closed the studio for capitalistic reasons of money and no other studios dare to retake that sequel. like for the forbidden siren 2 video, i will talk about the guns featured in-game, because why not:

    The basis Pistol is a Beretta 92F. Beretta is an Italian society which is actually the most ancient firearms company in the world and the 80s was one of the periods it just started to export its guns. the Beretta 92 is considered as its finest product for its great capacity, its reliability and its precision so it became a pistol of choice for the police and military in NATO countries. it is chambered in 9mm parabellum bullets, the same ammo used in many famous pistols like the Glock, the Luger, the browning, the C96 and the USP, and SMGs like the Ingram, the Calico, the german "machinenpistole" used during the two world wars, the Sten's and the Uzi. even the USA ends up succumbing to Beretta's popularity, where its army adopts it with the name of M9 in… 1985, which makes this gun anachronistic in '82. US troops should use the Colt 1911, the Sig-Sauer P226 or the Browning HP instead

    the "Submachinegun" (they forgot to add "Sub" in-game) is a german H&K MP5 and it is somewhat a descendant of the MP38 and 40 used by the German army during world war two (although it was also based about a series of Spanish guns called the CETME). while the Beretta is considered as the Roll-Royce of the pistols, the MP5 is the one of the SMGs. they both share the 9mm Luger ammo. during the early '80s, this gun wasn't yet imported in America and was only found in the hands of the European police or armies operators. so as full-auto firing guns, the US marines in-game should instead use the M3 "Grease-gun", an Ingram SMG, an S&W M76, a Calico, or a variant of the AR15 rifle aka the M16.

    the shotgun seems to be an Italian Benelli M4 if it's well the case. although the M4 will be indeed adopted by the US Army, this gun was anachronistic in 1982. the marines should use instead pump-action rifles like the Remington 870, the Ithaca 37 (exactly like Russel Crow did in the '82 movie) or a Mossberg 500. Semi-auto shotguns like the Browning auto-5 or Remington 1100 would have been appropriate to the game period too.

    the Sniper looks like a totally-wooden german SR9 or the rarer PSG1, both made by H&K too. these rifles can be considered like high-calibre scoped cousins of the MP5 SMG cause they were also based on the CETME rifles. They're normally chambered in powerful 7.62mm NATO. these rifles are commonly used by many Scandinavian countries, including Norway.

    the grenade launcher is a mix between an HK69 and a polish Pallad 83. Both fire 40mm grenades, the most common type of firing grenades in the NATO armies.

    the machinegun used in the final fight chopper part is an M60D, the mounted version of the most famous American Machinegun. Fires 7.62mm NATO.

    surprisedly, the flamethrower saw in-game isn't an M27A1 like in the movies, but it is a fictional one with a configuration commonly seen in games, where it is shaped like an assault rifle, with a fuel tank under the barrel. it is possible that this flamethrower is a reference to the movie Aliens, which was one of the greatest cinema blockbusters of the 80s and where the game flamethrower was probably visually inspired. an ironic fact: the next year after the 1982 setting of the movie and game, the UN has decided to pass a universal contract to the other countries, to ban the incendiary weapons, including flamethrowers. And you know what? Almost every country will accept that ! so if the Thing did really exist, then he situation would become really catastrophic on Earth since the flammable weaponry has become pretty rare to be found , cause a fire is the main weakness of the Thing (although the explosive weapons like grenades, TNT, rockets or missiles-launchers or other weapons of pretty big calibre like a 50. calibre rifle or a 500 Magnum handgun would eventually being effective against the Thing).

    I hope that was interesting to read


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