The most toxic game in my life

The most toxic game in my life

How a game that seemed hopelessly lost ended up teaching me a valuable lesson about Rocket League….and life

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  1. Best YouTube ever keep up the work sunless

  2. I was crossing my fingers saying "Please don't be me please don't be me" XD, aaaand then it turned out to be Khan!

  3. A+ storytelling. What a roller coaster.

  4. "I was the teammate all along!"
    What? No…. it's impossible! No!

  5. I swear I’ve already seen this video, and I fell for the plot twist again lmao

  6. epic

  7. Gahddamnit I love your videos…

  8. Who thinks if you smash your button harder you will demo Easily or go faster lol

  9. TG tu es nul mec

  10. thats a twist

  11. How do u get that come back and then thar is me in silver because my teammates r bad


  13. cool story, bro

  14. I love this kind of videos

  15. Plot twist

  16. Sunless, damn it, I knew you weren't cool enough to ram your team mate during a kick off! Hahah

  17. I tell him to go for it , and then, ram him hahaha

  18. Best story ever

  19. Honestly he got me on that last part

  20. Biggest plot twist I have ever seen

  21. I don't understand 🙂

  22. "Would you guys believe that I would do such a stupid thing as to use a dominus?"
    Me: laughs in scarab

  23. I had a game like this not to long ago. We went in, both "tilted" as you say, and both did some major whiffs in the beginning, one of my causing a goal on us. Then started the hate, I got called all the names in the book and finally said f*ck it and stopped playing well, I think I even purposely owned goal just to spite him. Not surprisingly, we lost, I told him don't start a game being so butt hurt over 1 whiff, to which i think he just left (I don't remember him responding). Just like that I thought it was all over…. plot twist! we got paired together on the next match as well! This match started different though, it started with an apology, of sorts, and a GL. The mindset this toxic player turned and we both went on to play and amazing game and have a complete upset that we won via forfeit. I too went full character arc, I went to villain and back, but in the end it is all about the W and me and that player meshed very well… I should've friended him

  24. 5:39 NANI!!!

  25. I like your videos but can't help but think Tina from Bob's burgers would get wet from hearing you speak about a video game

  26. I started playing a week ago and was playing unranked in competitive and my teammate was calling me bad and stuff

  27. This is sad.

  28. That was nice

  29. Anyone else rewatch this after the ending?

  30. him talking peacefully 2 seconds later "Ok fuck my tm8"

  31. Sunless: 5:19

    me: I am not gay!

  32. Damn… that’s crazy someone needs to write a story…

  33. damn, lot of dramatization about what everyone else is thinking. other team just got complacent, up 4 and one of them was probably torrenting porn with a chub.

  34. This happend to me today lol

  35. this was incredible

  36. Cool story bro…

  37. rate it

  38. how i knew the octane was sun: he never rams

  39. Wow, what a storyline. That plot twist at the end was chef’s kiss amazing.

  40. I knew you were the other guy you would have gone for more walk shots but he just turned around

  41. Had me in the first half

  42. this blew my mind 🤯

  43. How he turned a trash talking game into a short novel

  44. The best video I’ve ever seen

  45. dude, this should be a movie lmao

  46. I like what u did there…u mind fucked me

  47. 0:49:

    Will Smith: Ahh it’s rewind time

  48. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾on the vid

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