The most toxic game in my life


How a game that seemed hopelessly lost ended up teaching me a valuable lesson about Rocket League….and life

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  1. I was crossing my fingers saying "Please don't be me please don't be me" XD, aaaand then it turned out to be Khan!

  2. "Would you guys believe that I would do such a stupid thing as to use a dominus?"
    Me: laughs in scarab

  3. I had a game like this not to long ago. We went in, both "tilted" as you say, and both did some major whiffs in the beginning, one of my causing a goal on us. Then started the hate, I got called all the names in the book and finally said f*ck it and stopped playing well, I think I even purposely owned goal just to spite him. Not surprisingly, we lost, I told him don't start a game being so butt hurt over 1 whiff, to which i think he just left (I don't remember him responding). Just like that I thought it was all over…. plot twist! we got paired together on the next match as well! This match started different though, it started with an apology, of sorts, and a GL. The mindset this toxic player turned and we both went on to play and amazing game and have a complete upset that we won via forfeit. I too went full character arc, I went to villain and back, but in the end it is all about the W and me and that player meshed very well… I should've friended him

  4. I like your videos but can't help but think Tina from Bob's burgers would get wet from hearing you speak about a video game

  5. I started playing a week ago and was playing unranked in competitive and my teammate was calling me bad and stuff

  6. damn, lot of dramatization about what everyone else is thinking. other team just got complacent, up 4 and one of them was probably torrenting porn with a chub.


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