PUBG Project Thai – Game Files Download (Tagalog Tutorial)

PUBG Project Thai – Game Files Download (Tagalog Tutorial)

You Can Download / Install Without Registered Account in PUBG
Heys Guys another Tutorial for PUBG Thai

All Download Password is : xicore

PUBG Project Thai Game Files Download:

Config for Pubg Thai :

FPS Improvement For PUBG Thai :


Join our PH Pubg Thai Group:


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  1. Why am not able select Miramar map pls help

  2. Android

  3. stuck at login screen can't enter to play screen

  4. Did you use vpn?

  5. This game came out today. But for thai servers only. So you need a VPN. Or just wait for the global release. But I heard that the Philippines will have it next. Just don't know when.

  6. working pa ba?

  7. can i login with gmail account

  8. what is the password

  9. what the password?

  10. Boss stuck xa sa launcher ayaw umandar

  11. PASSWORD : xicore

  12. not works

  13. it cant be opened.. any solution?

  14. thanksssSsSsS

  15. como cria o imail pra jogar

  16. Just this picture comes from:
    Why is that ?

  17. no abre los archivos

  18. Song??

  19. on pubg s ite you create acc

  20. Next time upload this when the game open -.-

  21. I did the tutorial but when I open the launcher the email and password did not appeared

  22. working pa po ba to?

  23. Password xicore

  24. lol

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