LOOP OF HENLE explained!!

LOOP OF HENLE explained!!

CRANIAL NERVES made easy!!:

A detailed explanation of how the Loop of Henle helps to concentrate urine using the countercurrent multiplication mechanism. CLICK HD for better quality ^_^, Enjoy!



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FAQs [disclaimer: these answers are as far as my knowledge stretches, if you have a better explanation inbox me, I would be happy to hear it ^_^]:

1) Ruz, why doesn’t the osmolarity of the interstitial fluid change when water leaves the descending limb?

Well… from what I understand: it is primarily because the water in the descending limb is leaving passively (as opposed to being pumped out) whereas the NaCl in the ascending limb is being actively transported out. Therefore, the solute concentration in the medulla is being added to at a far quicker rate than water molecules are able to leave to dilute it.

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