Java Tutorial for Beginners [2020]


Java tutorial for beginners – Learn Java, the language behind millions of apps and websites.
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:46 Installing Java
0:03:59 Anatomy of a Java Program
0:08:41 Your First Java Program
0:15:59 Cheat Sheet
0:16:29 How Java Code Gets Executed
0:22:54 Course Structure
0:25:22 Types
0:25:57 Variables
0:29:07 Primitive Types
0:34:27 Reference Types
0:39:15 Primitive Types vs Reference Types
0:43:39 Strings
0:50:42 Escape Sequences
0:53:22 Arrays
0:58:47 Multi-Dimensional Arrays
1:01:23 Constants
1:03:15 Arithmetic Expressions
1:07:18 Order of Operations
1:08:40 Casting
1:15:08 The Math Class
1:19:50 Formatting Numbers
1:25:40 Reading Input
1:30:45 Project: Mortgage Calculator
1:32:55 Solution: Mortgage Calculator
1:37:14 Types Summary
1:38:43 Control Flow
1:39:30 Comparison Operators
1:41:16 Logical Operators
1:45:52 If Statements
1:50:18 Simplifying If Statements
1:53:47 The Ternary Operator
1:56:16 Switch Statements
2:00:07 Exercise: FizzBuzz
2:06:05 For Loops
2:09:53 While Loops
2:14:19 Do…While Loops
2:15:36 Break and Continue
2:18:52 For-Each Loop
2:21:59 Project: Mortgage Calculator
2:23:27 Solution: Mortgage Calculator
2:28:28 Control Flow Summary
2:29:25 Clean Coding



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  1. Windows seems to be completely different lol most of the commands do not seem to be working as they are on mac

  2. I have to cursor where u replace the letters instead of moving the letters to the side lol idk how to change back.

  3. You're the best. I always recommend your channel when my friends want to learn a new programming language or want to learn programming as complete beginners.

  4. I have a question. So I just installed Java 14 and Intellij for windows and, after starting a new project, I found there was no drop-down in the project src, nor a configuration. Is this normal?

  5. At the section "on how java code gets executed" typing "$javac" in the terminal, i get the response "$javac is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Could anybody help me with that?

  6. Sir, your course is excellent for beginners.
    Sir, please make a full android app development course with Android Studio with Kotlin.
    I want to be a android developer.
    Please, make a course.

  7. When I click the "Open in Terminal" the I type "javac" , it shows 'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.

    can somebody help me?

  8. Hi Mosh sir, I was not able to access the course, the payment page was declining my card. please help me solve this asap.


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