How Was the Grand Canyon Formed?

How Was the Grand Canyon Formed?

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It’s a long story…
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How do you make a Grand Canyon?

Thanks to Mike from PBS Idea Channel and Jamin from PBS Game/Show for hanging out at the Grand Canyon with me!

Special thanks to Raymond Schillinger for great camera work!

I was in Arizona recently for Phoenix Comic-Con, and had the amazing pleasure of seeing one of Earth’s greatest natural wonders… the Grand Canyon. More than a mile deep, and several miles across, it just defies belief. But I couldn’t help but think, the Colorado River down at the bottom isn’t that big. How did it cut a canyon so massive? How old is the Grand Canyon?

Here’s its story

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  1. Me too

  2. WOW don't listen to these morons. Anyone can see that it was caused by a massive flood! the rocks aren't billions of years!!! They are lying to us. The earth is only around 6000 years old and anyone who says otherwise is either misinformed or an Idiot.

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  9. The people who were asking "Where the Grand Canyon?" Are freaking idiots

  10. People need to get the Bible to see what really happened

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  12. my grandson had to watch this for school

  13. How big was the lake to make a grand canyon ?

  14. To the students out there

    Here's the time that it actually explains how it was formed

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  20. wait, but what i took in school about what formed it was the asteroid that killed the dinasours

  21. Nice try, some of the layers of carbon dating do not align with that time line.

  22. I hate how we have to watch this video for school because I just want to do my own thing

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  24. His last word:”stay curious”

  25. Wait hold up. You mean a lot of north America was covered in ocean? There were no cars and fossil fuels and cow farts polluting the atmosphere and the sea level rose anyway?

  26. wow i didn't know that the oldest rocks out there are named after lord vishnu

  27. Thank you

  28. Nice fantasy. Any time someone starts off with "1 billion years ago" i.e. 'a long time ago in a land far away', you can be sure it's a fairy tale.

  29. Ill give simple proofs that this canyon is man made by the diamond minings that we were never told of, just look far away up at the natural straight line of the mountain a.k.a ground behind this guy way, way back back to, it is so straight and that it means that canyon was once flat ground and high just like where he was talking from and even more proof is that those edge lines are so perfect and well rounded that were done by some digging machines, to get a proof that why they were done by machines, ask yourself why does almost the whole shapes, structures and the overall desing of these mountains looks so perfect because look throughout the whole end of the mountains, they are so perfectly dug in the same patterns almost every where you look.

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  38. it happened there because it was made of a bunch of layers of different segments of rock.

  39. why named after vishnu.. seems some misconceptions.

  40. wHere IS thE grANd Canyon

  41. cool video!

  42. The Grand Canyon was made by aliens that's how they got the sand for the Pyramids.

  43. It was formed by Noah's Flood. I have evidence.

  44. That cheesy 'stay curious' at the end though

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