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Think you’re a good bluffer? Most people aren’t. Everyone has a tell, you just have to find out what it is. In this party style bluffing dice game it is your job to figure out whether you are being bamboozled, or if the other player really got an unbeatable roll. Call out the bluffers and be the last one standing to become the ultimate Bamboozler!

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  1. Haven't played yet, but after reading the rules I was left with one question: is there a specific gameplay case where you would ever score a 12 instead of opting for the 21?

  2. Blue Wasatch Games

    1) Can we bluff the (Before Roll) Action Cards?
    2) Do we always have to reveal the (Before Roll) Action Cards?
    3) When having 2 Action Cards in hand, and used one, do we discard that card to the discard pile and draw another? Or do we discard it and not draw an action card until you BAMBOOZLE someone?

  3. Blue Wasatch Games 1) When an action card is used, should you draw an action card from the action cards pile and discard the one used?
    2) Can you bluff your action cards? But when someone calls your bluff (of your action card) you should reveal it? IS THAT THE CASE?
    Just simply reveal your action card whenever you want to use it…
    3) When passing the dice 🎲 to the other player, should it be revealed only when he calls a bluff or every the dice are passed it should revealed?

  4. when a player gets bamboozled, does play reset like a strike card or does play continue with the roll the bamboozled player claimed was on the dice?


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