How To Open .DOC .DOCX .XLS WITHOUT Microsoft Office

How To Open .DOC .DOCX .XLS WITHOUT Microsoft Office

Hey there! This video will show you how to open very common types of files without the software which was most likely used to create them. I don’t have Microsoft Word installed on my Laptop and needed to open and view a Word file (.docx). I used Apache Open Office to open the files. It works great-you can open, edit, and save in familiar formats. I hope this helped you solve your problem today!




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  1. Excellent and a Big thanks.

  2. Ok so I downloaded it and I tried to open the file which was a Microsoft office file which won't open and keeps trying to open with Microsoft word . How do I get it to change to opening open office instead?

  3. I just downloaded hopefully it works 😅


  5. thanks

  6. Hy does it work in Windows 10

  7. thnkz my boy

  8. Thank u soo much gracefully i saw ur video n its working awsome thanks again

  9. it is not working

  10. Gonna leave this here in case anyone needs it… if you keep trying to open the document, but it continues to only open in Microsoft Office (doesn't even give you the option to use "open with…") then literally download the whoole document youre trying to open even if its in the microsoft office format, and once you have this downloaded just literally take the document drag, drag it and drop it on top of the apache office icon and it will open. I had this issue and Im like 🙁 its not gonna work but i got it so if anyone needs it !!!

    ALSO THANK YOU MRJAYBUSCH for saving me money and saving me from my teacher and my awful procrastination 🙂 <3

  11. THANK YOU. you just saved me from my teacher

  12. Thanks I’m on window 10 I hope it works

  13. Thanks, it worked

  14. Thanks for that it still works today as it did 3 years ago , liked and subbed

  15. Wowwww very useful Thanks a lot.

  16. Thank you brother, i installed at least 5 other programs and noe of them worked and this program was a success. Thank you !

  17. Boa aula gringo

  18. Thanks cousin


  20. Excellent! Saved me money. (For anyone who thinks this program isnt working, make sure you right click the document and select Open with … Only a really technically challenged person wouldnt know that , right? 😀

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