How to make a 2D Game in Unity

How to make a 2D Game in Unity

Want to make a 2D game but don’t know where to start? This video should help point you in the right direction!

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  1. Bro, did you use c# to make games in unity?

  2. when i open demo folder i can’t see the character on my screen, it says things like “referenced script missing”, i’m new to unity if you can’t tell haha, can anyone help me??

  3. Thank u very much bro, just love the vid, keep the good work !!!

  4. man, during this lockdown my 8year old has been restless so i wanna go ahead and teach her to make her own games. thanks for this, this is amazing! if she somehow makes it, i will dedicate her first successful game to you. and no, she can't stop me.lmao

  5. hi brackeys how make a multi attack in unity

  6. My block collider doesnt work fsr

  7. can i create my own character?

  8. grids doesnt show?!

  9. This is no tutorial, this is a too-easy-to-make-and-nobody-understands-what-they-made platformer importing.

  10. why can't I see tile palette?

  11. Im sorry this didnt help at all

  12. How do you make scenes? And have your character collect things?

  13. Thank you, your tutorials helped me a lot.

  14. 2D Is the abbreviation of 2 Dimensional!!!!!

  15. 0:31 what's name of this game

  16. As dumb as this sounds the beginning of this video helped me the most. I've been messing around with making my own art instead of just using filler assets which would help cut down my work time. All I need now is to learn how to code.

  17. i want to know is the game playable in mobile

  18. After creating Tilemap I tried to put a coin with rigid body box collider but it's floating on top of tilemap i.e. top of the background image itself

  19. Whenever I pause the game the components are removed from the coin
    help, please?

  20. My Background falls down instead of coin
    what shall i do

  21. cool video

  22. So how do you add collisions to tiles? I see one big collision box that doesn't work on angled surfaces. All my coins just scattered after I pressed play.

  23. What's the game at 0:32

  24. Unity is online? Internet is needed when you make a game?

  25. I came here after a half year in of making my own 2d game engine and realizing it was built in a way that made it nearly impossible to optimize it

  26. Thank you so much! This was amazingly helpful.

  27. Its telling me to put it in the project assets folder but I have no idea what that is or where to find it

  28. Thanks now I just need a computer

  29. Your accent is so cool! Thank you so much for your help! (just subscribed)

  30. When ur not allowed to play video games in class

  31. Does anyone else have a flickering issue on the coin animation? The Sprites Coin, image 7, image 12 and image 13 simply don't appear for me. They're completely transparent.

    EDIT: I accidentally forgot to change the sorting layer for the background so the coin hid behind the background on some frames.

  32. Why is it when i use my tile palate and the brush it draw the tile behind the backgound

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