How to Format USB Flash Drive as NTFS for Xbox One Recordings / DVR (Best Method)

How to Format USB Flash Drive as NTFS for Xbox One Recordings / DVR (Best Method)

Do you want to know how to fortmat your USB flash Drive as NTFS for your xbox one DVR recordings??? This will allow you to use external storage to record xbox one clips that are longer than 1 hour! To use a USB flash drive on the xbox one you first need to format the flash drive NTFS for you to be able to record gameplay as an external storage device. To format the drive you will need a computer available to you. Once the drive is formatted plug it into your xbox one and go to the capture settings and switch your recording path from internal storage to external storage.

Check out this video on how to get the FULL CAPACITY back to your USB flash drive!

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  1. I plugged it in and it says “use for media” and “format storage device” which do I choose

  2. Your gonna give xbox tutorials but wear a ps hat 😭

  3. Thank you!!

  4. Please help I just bought a brand new usb and it does not work 😭😭

  5. It doesn’t even work it still says you have to format it

  6. me sitting here realizing I already know how to do this XD

  7. I did everything but I still can't record past 5 mins 1080p please help ..any suggestions welcome

  8. thank you so much

  9. I dont see the where it says external all it says is the name of my flash drive so does this still work in 2020 or no

  10. What USB did he use?

  11. My computer says that Windows can not finish format can anyone help

  12. Great video!!

  13. Is this possible to do on Mac?

  14. This doesn't work

  15. PLZ HELP! My usb is 3.0 and all of a sudden it started not letting me clip anything and when I try to plug it back in it says it’s to slow and I have already formatted it again but nothing still please help me

  16. Thx mate

  17. wow he litterally stayed there pointing at the end for ages

  18. I formatted it but my xbox keeps saying format it but I already did twice

  19. Hi, I’m trying to help my 8 yr old son do this. I’ve formatted it and did all the steps but when I plug it into xbox it still keeps telling me I need to format it to NTFS 😭

  20. The drive doesn't show up in This PC when I plug it in.

  21. Thx dude

  22. Will this stop the device from storing games?

  23. Why does my usb 3.0 say SanDisk

  24. dope vid

  25. Can't you just record it to the stick and put the stick in the pc

  26. I have an issue, i used my flash like 6 months for recording 3.0 formated on ntfs and now it says it is too slow?

  27. It actually worked still

  28. My doesn’t say external

  29. I have usb 3.0 but it says you need something faster

  30. My flash drive is default to exFat but i want it to b NTFS unfortunately it sends me a notification saying "Windows was unable to complete format."

  31. Thank you for the info! Extra step that needs to be done, wonder how many people don't know this?

  32. Tysm! This will help my channel

  33. Thank you bro you helped me so much I tried looking for other vids but they didint help thanks man

  34. Mine don’t pop up please respond it doesn’t show at all besides when I click it in a different place and it does not allow me to do anything to it

  35. What about if you only have a Mac?

  36. Thanks man that was helpful

  37. Also it help me a lot thank you continue to make videos so you can help other people and myself with more things related to Xbox and PlayStation

  38. This helped me so much and it got me through an emotional roller coaster I’m thinking I messed up my YouTube channel for a while

  39. Thank you shit is complicated for no reason

  40. Will this formatting in laptop

  41. Go crazy

  42. I’m n school watching your videos

  43. Wassup

  44. Sub for sub

  45. Nice vid man watched u for years keep grinding

  46. Can you make a video in how to add more storage for ps4

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