How To Download The Best PS2 Emulator And Games For PC! Everything Works! 2020!

How To Download The Best PS2 Emulator And Games For PC! Everything Works! 2020!

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PS2 Emulator-
PS2 Bios-

PC Specs: intel i7, gtx 1050ti, 16gb ddr4


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  1. Still work in 2020, cheers mate!


  3. idk guys this man uses internet explorer, seems sus to me

  4. i keep seeing discussions if you will get in trouble by your internet provider or not for downloading games. Is this true? should i use a vpn when downloading or something? just wanna make sure completely safe and not risk anything. thank you.

  5. CellKrak TechMaster I'm trying to download star wars episode 3 and after it gets downloaded it wont let me unzip the file. I don't know what to do I just want to play the game.

  6. i got the emulator working i just cant get the game to load after i unzip it all in the folder

  7. Around about 6mins 30secs do you have to pick USA or can I pick UK cause that's where I am

  8. How did you control the game ??? ASAP plss

  9. thanks 4 the vid bro

  10. Bro, I can't play my game, I downloaded stat wars episode 3 video game and I did all the process and it doesn't work. I use winrar, I don't think that affects at all. Can you help me?

  11. It says I have a 7Z FILE when I downloaded Tenchu. And when I try to play it, the emulator crashes. I followed you step by step, any reason why this is happening?

  12. I downloaded a game but it’s stuck on the loading screen do you think I should download another game or ?

  13. Great work bro!!!!!

  14. I am getting this for tekken 4

  15. I’m gonna try these bios because I’m trying to play nfl 2k5 but the shade underneath each player is glitchy

  16. I follow your instructions, but its lagging😐

  17. How is here for crash bandicoot

  18. cani use a diffrent website to download games?

  19. do you need the game on disc to play?

  20. What kind of controller can I use to play? Can I use an Xbox controller?

  21. i'm getting this error
    Failed to read/write NVM/MEC file. Check your BIOS setup/permission settings.
    Please help me. I did what you did but still.

  22. it works guys. its legit ! GOATED

  23. When I start looking for the bios on that page, should I worry about the downloads containing virus?

  24. I got the emulator downloaded, but 9 zip keeps giving me an error message saying it can’t unzip any files and when I try to select the downloaded game zip file, it says something about index out of range

  25. It's not a virus or anything right?

  26. Does a ps4 controller work with this ?

  27. Dude but how can u download the games on PCSX2 i cant even figure out a way to fucking do that shit so can u please show us how to download the games please

  28. can we save our progress after playing the game?

  29. how can I use a ps4 controller.

  30. I have a problem it keeps asking me for ps2 bios from the ps2 that I own, problem is I don't have one where do I get one? for free?

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