FNC vs IG | Finals Game 1 | World Championship | Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming (2018)

FNC vs IG | Finals Game 1 | World Championship | Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming (2018)

2018 World Championship Final #Worlds2018

Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming

Fnatic Lineup:
Bwipo – Top Urgot
Broxah – Jungle Lee Sin
Caps – Mid Irelia
Rekkles – Bot Jhin
Hylissang – Support Braum

Invictus Gaming Lineup:
TheShy – Top Sion
Ning – Jungle Camille
Rookie – Mid Lissandra
JackeyLove – Bot Kaisa
Baolan – Support Alistar

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  1. Querido(a) Dá uma passada no meu canal e me diz o que você acha! agradeço!

  2. Can someone explain why fnatic basically went all ad? Just makes Sion unkillable

  3. What are those white packets like which everyone is putting on their hands??and what is it for?? anyone knows then please do tell me

  4. what's the background song name? 22:13

  5. Better team win

  6. Cool I love this game

  7. Re watching this after watching 2019 finals

  8. lol their cs at 15 is mine at 35

  9. What is the name of the song played during starting of the video

  10. Wait… they picked a full AD team in a worlds final? That's reportable

  11. Rewatching this April 2020
    I miss the hyped cheering of the crowd 🙁

  12. It's kind of like going to another planet, where there are also Humans, and seeing a competition and language COMPLETELY alien to you. FASCINATING.

  13. I literally JUST downloaded LOL after falling absolutely in love with the Soundtrack. And now seeing this, and not understand one gosh darn thing I'm hearing, I'm still MESMERIZED.

  14. I miss crowds..

  15. 44:26

  16. jatt is close haha

  17. counter jungle

  18. It's just that simple

  19. WTH is this game, ppl are just fighting bots and npcs?

  20. So Caps inting threw the game

  21. Top 10 rappers Eminem is afraid to diss:
    #1) 36:26
    #2) 44:09

  22. This is boring to watch. Why are people into it?

  23. I only clicked it Bc it didn’t even say what game it was in the title

  24. Stupid caps

  25. These are very good casters

  26. Am I wrong to assume that this was over during draft?

  27. 24:24

  28. What are they holding 6:18

  29. WTF? this is real? 😂 video games are not a sport. This is dumb.

  30. lee sin and irelia was a bad choice

  31. Looking back at this, I see how short lived IG’s victory was

  32. The game actually starts at 32:05

  33. Those pushes were monumental.

  34. Kick caps from fnatic

  35. 23:03 10 coins!

  36. just who is surprised that Koreans win?

  37. Why is jatt always so good at prediction?

  38. 15 min to get to picks. no one care what you people have to say

  39. Does anyone know the song for the introduction? In the very beginning when fnatic and Ig talking bout wanting the championship

  40. this is my first time seeing lol. its really a complicated game…. but its reallly fun…

  41. Here from phoenix. Hope Caps reclaims what was rightfully his this time around: the Cup

  42. caps looks so stressed HAHAHAHHAHAH

  43. Proof that caps can’t perform on the big stage

  44. So boring


  45. They all have champ that they played in finals, especially faker and caps that lost the finals and so they finally have defeated their interior demons to win this year

  46. @22:26 minions have spawned

  47. Fnatic playing only AD, this is so dumb, even more for "professionnals"…

  48. EU predictions always wrong, they only pick themselves

  49. Cringetopia

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