Fix MySQL Port (3306) Error XAMPP | Change MYSQL PORT Number in WIndows


A Mysql Port (3306) used error in XAMPP can be easily fixed by changing the port no of mysql. But the port no needs changes in few other places such as my.ini file anf config file as well.

This short video shows how a port can be changed in xampp and how mysql error can be fixed.

watch this video to learn more about mysql in xampp &
Learn How to install xampp in windows here:

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  1. Thank you very much sir before that I have seen so many clips but that clips are not worked i spent so much time on that when I seen this vedio my problem was cleared very much

  2. I spent a whole day trying to solve this problem. Read and watched countless materials… Stumbled on this one and boom… In 5 minutes I am done.. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much, ive wasted 3 hours searching for a video that can actually help me and finally i found the only video that fixed my problem

  4. I am very grateful to you. Your video should be on top of everyone on are the real hero……You should be awarded the Nobel Prize.thank you very much…..I am subscribing to your channel because I hope all your videos help me

  5. thanks man, i watched 20 other videos before comming across to yours ,none of them videos by foreign people worked for me but yours ,thats why indians are best at computers. good stuff man.


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