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This video lesson shows how to edit a workbook simultaneously with other users using Excel 2013 Online (the free online version of Excel 2013 that you download free as you use it).
At you can view over 850 free Excel video lessons just like this one. All in full HD with vari-speed and human-transcribed subtitles providing the perfect Excel learning environment. You can also track your progress through the course and print a certificate upon completion. Separate videos are provided for Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

When many users open an Excel 2013 workbook at the same time in this way, every user can (almost) instantly see changes that any other user makes. Because all users are using the free Excel 2013 Online cloud version, users can use any device to open the Office 2013 document including iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices, Smartphones, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Apple OS X … and any other device that has a modern web browser.

This video comes from the Cloud Computing, OneDrive and Excel Online session (Session 8 in our Excel 2013 Essential Skills free video training course). This session includes the following video lessons:

▪ Lesson 8-1: Save a workbook to a OneDrive (7m 5s)
▪ Lesson 8-2: Open a workbook from a OneDrive (1m 59s)
▪ Lesson 8-3: Understand operating systems (8m 22s)
▪ Lesson 8-4: Understand Excel Online (2m 42s)
▪ Lesson 8-5: Open a workbook using Excel Online (5m 4s)
▪ Lesson 8-6: Share a link to a workbook (7m 32s)
▪ Lesson 8-7: Edit a workbook simultaneously with other users using Excel Online (10m 41s)

You can watch any of the 850 Excel video lessons, free and without any required registration at

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