Colorectal carcinoma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Colorectal carcinoma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is colorectal carcinoma? Colorectal carcinoma, also known as colon cancer, is when malignant or cancerous cells arise in the large intestines, which includes the colon and rectum. Find more videos at

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  1. Is there any particular reason why there is more risk of liver getting affected in colon cancer and lungs in rectal cancer?

  2. I’m a caregiver for someone with colorectal cancer it’s heart breaking 💔💔

  3. The video is so useful .. thank you ! But hope there were subtitles in French

  4. Plague: exists
    COVID-19: Lets brush that off for now

  5. I like so much your lectures! Just to pint out something, KRAS falls within the group of oncogenes, which gain of function mutation converts proto-oncogene (normal gene) to oncogene, increasing the risk of cancer. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for your service have read uar guidance and I may say that najishuku sana niko na symptoms kama ambayo umeyataja but l can't afford the bill

  7. Can you please tell something about the prognosis of colorectal cancer?

  8. Thanks for viedio. I watched so many viedio of osmosis and this very helpful for basics of topic thanks alot for viedios

  9. Great video-But I feel as though I'd have to STUDY the producer' " dictionary " to understand it all; played it twice still feel stupid.

  10. You are love

  11. You didnt spoke of other causes:
    Colon ulceration made by Infectious Colitis and Chemical Colitis (enemas, sex lub, anti inflamatory pills, aspirine).

    Salmonella can create colon cancer.

    It is not only this red meat and obesity mambo jambo

  12. I did not expect anything but the nasal polyps treatment “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it) only has done its job for four days, but my polyps already have shrunk entirely! I`m pissed my doctor did not discuss this treatment method to me. Thank you and i`ll adhere to your advice about prevention since I sure don`t want it back again. I`m eager for the day the polyps will go away and not come back again. .

  13. tomorrow is my surgery final and i was freaking out but this helped me revise the topic in less than 10 minutes, I'm so blessed to have found this channel!

  14. Thank you a lot, But Sorry you did not cover the pathogenesis perfectly again thanks osmosis

  15. What are symptoms of tumor in transverse colon? I haven't found a video that mentions tumors in transverse colon.

  16. There is Nothing incurable! Fresh wheatgrass juice in daily enemas cure cancer!!!
    Read " Survival into the 21th Century " by Viktoraras Kulviniskas.

  17. Thank you that was so beneficial ❤️

  18. guys your way of teaching and explaining is mind-blowing , Big up my favourite channel

  19. Mucosa got in-vaginations hahahahahaha

  20. very useful thanks a lot

  21. ?

  22. Thanks

  23. please turn to Hindi language

  24. Good understanding

  25. thank you Osmosis! you've just made making worksheets for IM much easier

  26. I'm from Peru and I'm learning a lot with these videos

  27. What about tumors in transverse colon, what are symptoms?

  28. My mum died last year of bowel cancer. It was on her left side of her colon and she did not have a ring type mass. She had a polyp that was removed as it contained some cancer cells. The doctors though the cancer was removed by cutting out the Polyp. Unfortunately the cancer cells metastasised 5 years later into her lungs, lymph nodes and liver. Her bowels always caused pain but she was able to use her bowels until the very end. I believe her liver or lungs gave up, leading to her death. But I did need to mention that not everyone will have the same types of behaviour as described in this video, otherwise my mum would have suffered a bowel obstruction years before. She was unlucky that it appears a few cancer cells found their way into her lymph nodes and spread. I miss her so much, sometimes I wish I got cancer and died too, but I must be grateful for life as we only get one chance.

  29. You are legends

  30. Barium enema is not prefered nowadays because of adhesion complications. Instead of barium one can prefer soluble liquids.

  31. Your editation really awesome

  32. Diagnosed with FAP 2yrs ago. Not obese,salad and soup lover, ceased smoking tobacco and now vape. Still under 50. Polyps right through.

  33. Thanks osmosis ❤

  34. Looking for least invasive test types.

  35. Best! Thank you

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