Caterpillars Feeding on Exploding Touch-Me-Not Seed Pods | BBC Earth

Caterpillars Feeding on Exploding Touch-Me-Not Seed Pods | BBC Earth

These caterpillar are close to extinction, and their Touch-Me-Nots based diet doesn’t help them.

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  1. my parents have woods behind their home with touch-me-nots and when it rains they explode and its cool to hear them do it

  2. Symbiosis mutualism?

  3. Lol imagine if this happened to your McDonald's burger. Each bite you're just thinking will the next be my last

  4. Caterpillar casually eating seed

    Caterpillar: "Why do I hear circus music?"

  5. Knitted carpet vs touch me not

    Thats a wordology

  6. i loved squeezing this plant seed pods when i was a kid, i would explode them one by one

  7. Прелестные кадры!!!👍👍👍👏👏👏🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  8. 0:28 Busting a nut

  9. Post nut clarity

  10. *munch munch munch*…"Team rocket's blasting off again!"

  11. I love seeing the insect im scared of get flinged by a plant

  12. My food fights back as it is exiting, rather than entering

  13. so violent.

  14. Ihate the phony sound effects!

  15. I can almost hear the grandma caterpillar say … my dentureeeeeee !!! 🤣🤣🤣

  16. That netted caterpillar ate my basil leaves in one day. 😡

  17. Hahaha. Best video of my day.

  18. Touch-me-not: You are already dead.
    Caterpillar: Nani?!

  19. Wonderful humorous show begins at 2:10 mins

  20. They're all over Ohio, and they burst pretty dramatically if you touch them. Fun.

  21. Atleast Thanks to youtube .25x when BBC hav no proper slow mo cam..

  22. Ahhhhhhhhhaaawwwww, HE NEEDS SOME MILK!!

  23. A meal and a carnival ride…

  24. its scripted guys, but still dont tell the caterpillar

  25. One would think after millenia of being blasted off your meal, they would have figured it out!

  26. Is someone cooking mac and cheese in the background?

  27. Foley artist really went a little nuts with this one eh?

  28. I wish human food randomly and comically blew up in our face. Imagine how exciting family dinners would be.

  29. Ja, das kenne ich aus meiner Kinderzeit. Wir hatten vorallem die dicksten Bohnen berührt. Die explodierten am besten. LG aus Deutschland

  30. Jme coucherai moin con ce soirs merci

  31. Ahhh a bunch of lovely Alberto balsams….

  32. OK, vegetarians and vegans, plants don't like to be eaten either.

  33. ….imagine if your food was dynamite and you never knew when it was going to go off. 😂

  34. Loved these growing up! We called them poppers.

  35. Catipillar: gets flung

    Also catipillar: O

  36. 2:13 surprised caterpie face

  37. I am more interested on the camera they were using than the cute caterpillars flung to the air… The details!

  38. He was just sitting there like “😦”

  39. Here in Canada these caterpillars are not extinct. Always thought they were inch worms though , and our touch me plants grow along rivers and mostly come in orange not yellow.

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