Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Evolution [2006-2018]

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Evolution [2006-2018]

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Evolution [2006-2018] —————————————————————————-
1:Bakugan Battle Brawlers JP [2006]

2:Bakugan Battle Brawlers [2009]

3:Bakugan Battle Brawlers DS [2009]

4:Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Battle Trainer [2010]

5:Bakugan Dimensions [2010]

6:Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Arcade Battler [2010]

7:Bakugan:Defenders Of The Core [2010]

8:Bakugan:Defenders Of The Core DS [2010]

9:Bakugan:Rise Of The Resistance [2011]

10:Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Legendary Warriors [2012]

11:Bakugan Battle:Planet Battle Arena [2018]

12:Bakugan Battle Planet App [2018] —————————————————————————-
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  1. 2006 and 2009 are some of my favorite games I ever played, so weird a game about rolling balls would be so fun

  2. en vez de evolucionar la cagaron el de ps2 era el mejor

  3. I miss the original

  4. is it just me or does it seem like the games have actually gotten worse and worse? I still have Battle Brawlers on my Wii and it’s great!

  5. I love the first and t dotc

  6. bakugan defenders of the core is still one of my fave games of my childhood

  7. I had the Bakugan : Defenders Of The Core on my PSP till today and man, so far thats the best Bakugan game cause you have full control on your Bakugan, unlike any other Bakugan games there, the interactions are limited. But so far for me.

  8. The new Bakugan game is king of crap

  9. Bakugan Battle Brawlers [2009] and Bakugan:Defenders Of The Core [2010] are
    the best

  10. wait a minute if the game was made in 06 what was the whole point of releasing the game if nobody heard of it till the anime came out in 09

  11. The 2006 Bakugan was the best by far

  12. how does the 2006 bakugan game look and most likely is better and more fun to play then the newer ones. PLEASE GIVE ME A REMAKE I WANNA PLAY IT.

  13. I still have the old Bakugan game for the 360. 10x better than the new today.

  14. Prefiero el de 2006

  15. Annoying part that most of the games kept using the 2006 soundtracks

  16. Bruh bakugan battle brawlers o; the Wii hit diffrnt

  17. It is really sad to see how pretty amazing cartoon becomes the worst one. Actually, I liked the past ones, not the current

  18. I still have the first game and since I have nothing better to do (unrelated to covid-19) I’m replaying it right now.

  19. i.ll like to play the bakugan battle brawlers for the wii

  20. А можно играть в bakugan battle brawlers на ps2?

  21. I have battle brawlers and defenders of the core on Wii.

  22. Bring back the OG Dan Kuzo

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  24. This is amazing

  25. 2006 for life

  26. I used a emulator for my tablet to play bakugan lol

  27. I played the first game in my ps3 the game is so good imagina a remake in ps4 or ps5

  28. 0:46 sounds more like he said Nice job you won and now you get a Gay card😂

  29. I the have the one on the left side of the thumbnail I had it for the wii and I also had it for the ds I got a copy of it with naga. I also had defenders of the core and now I feel old. 🙁

  30. Tbh, I'm not a big fan of the battle planet battle app. Too grindy and too repetitive.

  31. Pokémon

  32. I still play the 2009 version on my Xbox 360 to this very day,in my opinion this is one of my fav games on the Xbox 360

  33. 2009 Battle Brawlers and defenders of Core games were my Shit! 👌

  34. эхх.. я бы и играл в бакуган 2006 но пс 2 сломалась , а 2010 of the core (не DS) слишком короткая . Все остальные … ну сами понимаете .

  35. I have the wii version.

  36. Lets make a theme song thread.
    What are you gonna do?

  37. i love you bakugan 2006

  38. Cartoon network and these terrible remakes

  39. I miss my leonidas :'( i wonder what happened to it

  40. Bakugan needs a complete season game please ps4 or ps5!

  41. Gay card

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