Avengers: Endgame | The IMAX® Difference

Avengers: Endgame | The IMAX® Difference

What makes IMAX different? See up to 26% more picture. Enhanced image quality. Wider color spectrum. Custom designed sound.

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Directors Joe and Anthony Russo filmed Avengers: Endgame with IMAX cameras. This means that the entire film will be presented with up to 26% more picture, only in IMAX theatres.

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The Making of Avengers: Endgame | Part 1 | Filmed with IMAX® Cameras:

The Making of Avengers: Endgame | Part 2 | Filmed with IMAX® Cameras:

See the IMAX® Difference – Avengers: Endgame Trailer | IMAX® Screen vs. Standard Screen:

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  1. Lisiten Guys, I think the Imax version of this movie is the property of IMAX Corporation itself. Marvel may have sold the Digital and Air release Rights of IMAX version of this movie to IMAX Corporation itself. It might be the reason for the Marvel's Trailer itself being in Wide screen Anamorphic mode. So I think its IMAX's decision to whether re-release in IMAX blu ray or not.

  2. Oh really? Then release the IMAX version on bluray and digital, f you don't, you are first class hypocrites.

  3. i saw it at Vue's. you mad.

  4. Seeing Endgame in IMAX tonight 🙌🏿

  5. Wooow what a 3D Trip on 600m² Screen in IMAX with Laser <3

  6. 0:21… i went to see the IMAX version in hopes of hearing this fabulous sound effect, and i was disappointed.

  7. IMAX better be in the digital release.

  8. I’ll watch it in imax when it gets seat recliners

    I am ItalianMan.
    We've only one IMAX Cinema.

    And this is so SAAD.

  10. Great movie

    shows scene that wasn’t even in the movie.

  12. Imax is a rip off… first of all not every imax theatre is a real imax screen and some are laser and some arent.. most of them are lie-max and not actual imax.. but they still charge 20bucks a ticket.. and thats a rip off in itself.. if every screen was real imax ratio it would almost be worth it.. but the sad truth is most places here in my state are fake imax ratios.. and secondly, if imax ratio can be put on the real imax screens and charge out the ass, the imax ratio NEEDS to be put on the 4k bluray releases!!!! So for imax to ONLY be in theatres and not on the home releases is such a rip off, especially givin the fact that alot of imax theatres arent even real imax.. and for the ppl with home theatres or ppl with massive 80inch 4k curve hdr tvs, we deserve to have the imax ratio on the home releases!!!!! Especially if the film is entirely shot in imax!!! This is stupid and a rip off!! And not to mention,,, there are only 2 movies shot entirely in imax! Lol infinity war and endgame are the only 2 imax shot movies. Put imax ratios onto the 4k bluray home releases or u can say goodbye to my money.. you cant monopolize an aspect ratio!!! Thats fkn stupid, criminal, and disrespectful to real movie buffs.

  13. Bond

  14. Damn , did I just experience IMAX via my phone !

  15. Please send full movie

  16. iMax = Endgame for my wallet

  17. Does iron Man still dies in IMAX version?

  18. Iron man die

  19. But IMAX is not in Raipur

  20. No, thanks. I should sell my house to watch the movie in IMAX.

  21. We don't have any imax theather in Kerala😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  22. Very costly

  23. Good but Avenger endgame hindi is not available in imax

  24. SM CEBU???

  25. Bhaiya kya karee h nahi humare wahan please lagva dijiye pass vale pvr m……😂

  26. Fuck imax I can't get a ticket

  27. Ironman will going to dead in endgame…spoil the world.😂😂
    Don't mind it because my friend said this when he shit the spoil.
    Tamilrockers doing this go and report it.

  28. Sob kisu te ek e jinish dehai halara dokhebaaz

  29. Release Imax Movie In Hindi ❤️

  30. 3000❤️😢

  31. Looking forward to see the movie in Imax 4D😎

  32. In the end.. It's just a movie.

  33. RIP Iron Man

  34. this new roblox update is awesome

  35. I'm going IMAX 1/5 next week
    Sooo excited

  36. iron man dies

  37. Captain America has returned with his hammer leaked video

  38. Papa smack

  39. I saw the Imax/3D version and believe me you wont regret it!!!

  40. I'm a huge marvel fan

  41. Plz make i max theatre in Lucknow

  42. wwhy did u killed tony maaan

  43. Okay first of all get an real imax theatre in my country

  44. Im seeing the movie in about an hour

  45. You basically cut the content, so you're the "EA" of the movie industry. And you just cropped the video, and say to the consumers that they will see wider if viewed on iMax

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