Ava the 3D Doll "ALL Ava Stars' Dancing" Gameplay makeover for Kid. Ep.22

Ava the 3D Doll "ALL Ava Stars' Dancing" Gameplay makeover for Kid. Ep.22

Feature Highlights:
* Ava can dance in 9 styles, such as ballet, hula show, etc
* Ava has 28 dresses of many styles, Snow White, Cinderella, witch, princess, yoga, giraffe…
* Cute sound effect when Ava eat, drink, brush teeth and so on…
* Ava could play mini games with users, such as guess left and right, rock, paper, scissors
* Take a picture with Ava and share it quickly and easily with friends on Facebook and more
* Check in on Ava every 24 hours for a free chocolate
* Visit Ava everyday to get daily bonus flowers.

You can feed her all kinds of meals, drinks, desserts and fruits and take her to the bathroom to help her get ready for a new day. When she gets tired, you should take her to bed and she will wake up by herself or with the alarm.

Ava will show you what a great dancer she is, according to different style of dresses you put on her. And she would like to play interesting games with you, too. Enjoy the time with Ava? Then don’t forget to take group photo with her and you can also take photos for her at your place. For example, you could take a photo, with Ava standing on your book, etc. How? Explore it by yourself! Don’t forget to share the photos on Facebook or via mail.




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