Anime Fighting Games feat. Saber – Lightning Round!

Anime Fighting Games feat. Saber – Lightning Round!

For this week’s video we’re changing it up a bit. I’ve played a number of anime themed fighting games, two of which even feature the lovely Artoria Pendragon from Fate/Stay Night. It’s a lot of fun so please enjoy!

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  1. Please, I am looking for an old fighting game.. the fighters were fighting in a glass cage
    The fighters are anime looking..some of them is a girl with long blue hair plays on a music instrument ,a red hair boy and a man fighter with short yellow hair and long white dress send some kind of dark cloud when fighting

  2. i bet for blazblue he is not even doing the combo but being lazy and use the stylish mode 🙂

  3. are this game for ps2

  4. Doa is an anime game?

  5. is it just me or did pairon looked like chun li?

  6. Most fighting game story modes are over and done with fast. The main apeal is playing humans, and learning to play better. Its one of the few genres were you can play for 1000s of hours and its still addictive.

    Nice showing off blade arcus, and nitroplus. Since no1 knows ba existence, and nitro is an all time favorite for me. Which most people can pbly tell from my channel vids. You should give arcana heart a try for its story mode, if you like light hearted anime humour

  7. The King of Fighters XIV it's awesome! 😉👊

  8. lol, a 30 minute lightning round…

  9. Is there any fate kaleid games?

  10. What game platform is saber in?

  11. Did my man really say this game looks best on ps4 when their is a pc version?

  12. my favorite blazblue character is peacock


  14. DOA and KOF are not anime fighting games.

  15. You sound like a fucking creep

  16. 5 out of 10 no guilty gear and no astral finish in blazblue, and not using IGNITION, but there was respect for nitro plus and I mean even it's not IGNITION, at least it's still dengeki bunko, and shining is fun, when people want to play it, AND WHERE WAS MELTY AND UNDER NIGHT? 5 out of 10

  17. Playing that trash in the beginning

  18. Saber saber saber!!!!!

  19. Who here is still salty that Aksys didn't dub Central Fiction?

  20. hey i was wondering if you knew a website where i can watch all the fates ive grown loving the series and love saber/artoria watched both stay nights and zero. Stay night (not ubw) saddened me at the end.

  21. You like SAO?!
    I'm doing everything in my power to keep my respect for you from dropping….

  22. I already knew about blazblue, DoA 5, dengeki bunko fighting climax, nitro+ blasterz and kof. But thanks for showing them and also the ones I didn't knew about.

    Although my favorite part was the commentary of chick getting roasted.

    Offtopic. I went to your MAL to check your anime, and in the on hold list there where certain peculiar anime like mars of destruction, Skelter+Heaven, psychic wars, vampire holmes and the like. Are you working on the worst anime of all time list?

    Also, you sure have a saber obsession. I'm currently playing fate stay night, so it will be a long ride.

  23. … Thanks for the spoiler warning about Saya, that 0.5 second gap between when you whispered 'spoliers' and then went on to ruin a huge part of the game, was really good of you. You're awesome.

  24. In the Blazblue franchise, the story is freaking complex. Also, the power balance is kinda whack. Noel's damage output is so damn low because her combo potential is pretty darn high. Also, story reasons. Same can be said for Hazama and maybe Terumi. Love the series though, their Gag reels are downright ridiculous

  25. the moment when your ultimate atk is a beam that travels across the map, you are jus op

  26. nothing beats cake, tea, anime characters beating the hell out of each other aaccompanied by Dai's commentary…
    sips tea*
    this is bliss…

  27. cool ! but for me tekken 3 is the best

  28. My favorite!

  29. GG Saber too OP

  30. Y did you not any of the naruto storm games, i expected atleast one to pop up :p

  31. No mercy when playing with Saber 😀 these games are so over the top and flashy its awesome. I need to play some of them soon
    …Oppairon lul

  32. Saber is best girl

  33. Im a simple man. I see Saber or Asuna in a thumbnails, I instantly click.

  34. I need to play more of dead or alive 5

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