Alice: Madness Returns Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD


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Alice: Madness Returns is the excellent follow up to “American Mcgee Alice.” This game is often overlooked, but it does a wonderful job of taking you into the twisted and demented mind of Alice and Wonderland. Not many games capture their intended atmosphere like this Madness Returns.

The story follows Alice Liddell, a girl suffering from emotional trauma caused by the death of her parents. Alice was discharged from a psychiatric clinic and now lives in an orphanage for mentally traumatized orphans under the care of Dr. Angus Bumby. To get rid of the trauma and learn the truth about her past, she once again falls into Wonderland, where a new evil force has corrupted it.

As always, we included relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy
Edited by Yofatdaddyyy

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  1. Ah yes, when you make a classic into horror, it's always good. I think I could tie the hallucinations up with here real time events, all though I will admit I've never played the series. When she drowned in tea, she drowned out of the hallucination, and than when she helped the carpenter, she was at the… Er… Whore house? I want to say that the guy who punched her was who she saw as either the carpenter, or the walrus. And the only one I couldn't tie up, was when she went to speak with the caterpillar. The queen was when she was on her way back to the asylum, hence the point of her getting dragged back into her madness at the end of her talk with the queen. The dolls must have been when she was on the streets after just escaping or being released from the asylum, and she was trying to help the kids we saw in earlier cutscenes. The train was just the point where she confronted our villain.

    Now, since the timeline of this game could have been…. Well… Anytime, I suppose we could skip that. The design of the game is flawless, and the storyline keeps you on edge wondering what will happen next and who killed Alice's family. The clothing change depending on the zone was a nice touch as well. But, the most annoying thing for me was that it felt a bit… Rushed? At the end at least. I, personally, like a big conclusion. We found Alice's family's killer, and we get more back story from the wonderland characters about Alice herself before the climatic final boss. It just felt rushed and a bit overwhelming going back and forth between hallucination and reality….

  2. If you haven't noticed, whenever Alice talks to Cheshire, The Red Queen, or anyone inside, she doesn't clarify too much what she's talking about, never goes into specifics about what she wants or needs from said individual. This, imo is because Alice is practically talking to herself. Thinking of herself in from other perspectives to solve her problems. I wonder if there is a term for this in psychology.

  3. I'm she in Wonderland physically or just mentally? If mentally does she go into a catatonic state? 🤔

  4. This game was such a psychotic trip. Not only does it show you a more dark and mentally unstable Wonderland, it kinda informs me of people who have such issues and it makes me feel bad some people have to live with it

  5. its 2020. the game has been out for 9 years. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS MASTERPIECE OF TWISTED GENRE BENDING!


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