4 Methods To Subtract Numbers (Common Core Subtraction)


What’s the best way to subtract numbers? The answer: any way that works. Here are 4 methods that can help you tackle subtraction problems easily.

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  1. Yet another method which is the easiest in this case (not always the easiest in other cases): 300 – 100 = 200 and 60 – 56 = 4 so we have 204!

  2. Why not just use y = (x^2 – 158x + 156)/(x-2)^2 and plug in x = 360? This approximation for y = x – 156 always rounds to the correct answer when x >= 320.

  3. I imagine it might be the left to right method there using for the fastest subtraction method for bigint but until i look thru documents/code i am not going to know for sure.
    They could possible modify the method to do some type of chunking similar to division chunking to speed it up.

  4. O nice came across your video!
    Not many people teach the other nontraditional methods of subtraction as much.
    Still debating on the fastest subtraction algorithm to implement on a computer for bigint subtractions. (what currently it is)
    Most often its just two's complement representation for negative numbers then just add the numbers is how subtraction is done on computer.
    But going further you want to know how subtraction is done for bigint stuff that doesn't fit in standard computer datatypes / circuitry

  5. hey presh I give my best to solve this question but u was unable to do itThomson : He told us we have consecutive letters on our papers

    Thompson : Yeah he told me too.

    Thomson : I don't know what your letter is.

    Thompson : Neither do I know your letter.

    Thomson : Now I know.

    Tintin listened this conversation and wondered what the two letters could be. When he was

    about to leave the island, Thomson stopped him and told him to say the password, which

    were the two letters.

    Maximum of how many attempts does Tintin need to make to have the correct pair of

    letters, and thus pass successfully?

  6. In the first method i learned to add one on the bottom number and not to substract the number above. strange but it's the same.

  7. I'm from Singapore and I have never heard or used the Singapore Method. That being said, there is another method and it is my favourite method, ie the 10's Complement Method.

  8. If ( I say IF) You bought an article worth $1.56, why in the world would You give someone $3.60 in order to make change? 2 one dollar bills would be easier. Even for the counting up deal where you give 4 cents to make 1.60 then 40 cents to finish out the 2 dollars. Seems illogical to me? Somebody help me out here?

  9. What about 2's complement?

    360 – 156
    > 999 – 156 = 843 // complement of 156
    360 + 843 = 1203 // add complement
    1203 % 1000 = 203 //truncate
    203 + 1 = 204 // compensate for the missing 1

    Never carry during subtraction
    Only subtraction involves one digit difference from 9
    Kids get to learn the basics of computing

    More steps
    Not intuitive (unless the basics of computing are known)

  10. There's nothing fancy about the "Singapore method". If you subtract 6 from both the top and bottom, you're going to have the same 10 carry cover effect as you would with the "left to right" method. Notice that 16-6=10.


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