25 Best RPGs of This Generation You NEED TO PLAY

25 Best RPGs of This Generation You NEED TO PLAY

The RPG genre has seen some truly wonderful games releasing over the last few years. In fact roleplaying games take up a large portion of the gaming market.

This generation has seen that continue but has also meant we’ve got some genuinely wonderful adventures on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Obviously the likes of The Witcher 3 comes to everyones mind but there’s been so much more than Geralt’s epic adventure that’s worth playing.

This list breaks down 25 of the best role playing games from this generation. Is there a game we missed? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. https://youtu.be/SPkGpeQCyq0 Follow the link to see exclusive gameplay of the new game from the developers of Fallout New Vegas and South Park the Stick of Truth

  2. Jeralt… just wow

  3. Do you even know what an RPG is?

  4. it is a good top, you guys should chill with this hate for pronunciation of geralt

  5. This man just straight up showed some bare ass titties. Oh and WHAT THE FUCK JERALT?!?!

  6. I have never in my life heard anyone mispronounce geralt of rivera worse… i just… no words

  7. Pick a hallowed series and most of the time this guy will pick one of the worse games in it as a "best" RPG.

  8. "best rpgs" starts off with an action adventure…
    after looking through the video, there are literally only 6 rpgs here…no wonder the genre is dying out, when young idiots always want to make up new terms to be "cool", while not having any clue about gaming history…

  9. Wait a minute breath of the wild is not rpg. I love breath of the wild it is my favourite open world game due to it's exploration and rewarding systems but in terms open world rpg. I like witcher 3 more than botw because it is not even a rpg. Persona 5 is also a great rpg.

  10. Nino Kuni 2 is not challenging AT ALL. It had a decent story but was SO EASY that it sucked.

  11. RPGs are my favourite genre, from this list I only played Zelda! Holy shit so many I missed!

  12. All you need to play is "Divinity original sin 2"

  13. lame

  14. You need to play fallout 4 really? 😂 that alone tells me your list got no credibility

  15. I guess RPG means something different to you fallout 4 is not an RPG

  16. i dunno fallout 4 is not a must play imo, they dumbed down the rpg aspects too much for my liking, especially dialogue

  17. dud i think that games with grapich from 90's shuld not be on this list

  18. You know somebody doesn't know what he's doing when he says wichers story is complex and he calls the main character jeralt

  19. Dude, have you ever played videogames? You talk like you don't know shit.

  20. Dark Souls 3 an RPG? just because it has stats?

  21. umh…seems just like a random list of game to me

  22. Fallout 4 is ass

  23. Mostly shit games

  24. i don't but you sound like building your wall around your country.

  25. Persona 5 was kinda overrated for me, despite being a JRPG fan. it gets boring after a while don't know why

  26. fallout 4 most p…….sry vegas cant be beaten….and everyone knows that

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