100 Games on 1 Cart … ? No.. it's not a LIE and it's also no freaking MAGIC !!


100 in 1 is a new Sega Multi Game Cart from Ali-Express, smaller collection only maybe this one will be better ?? Come find out !

Where to find ?
100 in 1 –
112 in 1 –

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  1. I have a similar 100-in-1 by Mindkids that the menus is also in Chinese, but if you press the Mode button on your 6-button controller, it switches to English.

  2. I've got 1000+ Megadrive games on 1 Megadrive cart including 300 Master System games on it also,…It's called an Everdrive SD reader!,…so what's so good about only 100 games on a cart?!

  3. Not a bad little multi cart!!!!! My question is why is Street Fighter in hyper speed😆? I own championship and super for the Genesis and there not this fast

  4. ”Powkiddy X15”” & ”Subor Q800”” = MTK8163 bad android phone
    veryveryvery bad Cost performance 🙁 high price

  5. oh memory…. i remember , when i was kid , my parent buy 16 bit console game , include 6666 in 1 game ( but just repeat hoogan alley , duck hunt , wild gunman and super mario ).

  6. To anyone scrolling through these comments today, have a wonderful day & remember you are beautiful & Awesome 😊. Thanks for the great videos, Wicked!

  7. The naughty cart you swallow in a police raid for playing naughty games😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Como me gustaría tenerlo pero acá en Uruguay todo llega tarde saludos y gracias amista 👍. Siempre presente 🤗

  9. i saw one those multicarts for sega the menu listed contra hard corps as contra hard crops …i reckon ol bill and lance retired and started farming

  10. The 196 in 1 multicart from the same seller is so much better than this. And it comes with a plastic case to protect from dirt and dust!


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