10 Minutes "BEST PRO PLAYS" in League of Legends

10 Minutes "BEST PRO PLAYS" in League of Legends

🔹 10 Minutes “BEST PRO PLAYS” in League of Legends
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➥ outro: Vexento – Lonely Dance
➥ Disappeared – On Fire
➥ Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release] ➥ Sk-Hall & Ludwiig – New Beginning [NCS Release] ➥ JURGAZ & QV!N – Pure
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  1. Hey if you wanna check out my newest song on my channel I’d love that. If you like Zelda or maple story music I guarantee you will love this song

  2. Game looks boring. Just sit and click button

  3. Don’t understand how ppl can watch this game

  4. I got a league ad before this

  5. Cringe music ruins the video, embarrassment-shivers running up and down our bodies as we listen to this obvious drivel

  6. thats not all proplays theres much random elo stuff mixed in

  7. They skilled move with ryze it was at they last season, now they "pro plays" its just press R or just auto attack against bronze player like this camille

  8. Sry but That are just normal plays… sometimes Bad plays(ez) …

  9. I grt wuadra kill with yasuo like this situation i did asaki snd ulti snd i ulti 4 peoples snd all for died

  10. 0:17
    Pro play

  11. Yeah this yasuo so good missed around 4 Q, and killed by luck

  12. @Apex73 Thats sooo true, www.lolvvv.com is by far the best website for runes and builds.

  13. 9:57
    music name please

  14. COMPROVADO: O Melhor Guia Para Sair do Elo Hell e Finalmente Chegar ao Diamante em Apenas 90 Dias

  15. Prefiero el regnumOnline es dificil levear para ser lvl maximo pero es mas divertido y es en 1era persona , y lo mejor de todo es que es Argentino , Aguante Syrtis (El Guasson bb & Rodri ssj)

  16. 3:40 yasuo missed 3 Q

  17. ma quello che dice "quanto cazzo sono forte?" XD

  18. Green

















  19. Algunas la verdad son malardas

  20. This poor game is only a pathetic copy of WARCRAFT !!! 😅🤣🤣

  21. Tô entendendo é nada kkkkkk

  22. That predict Bro ! Nice .

    Hugs to hugs please can you visit my home ! Thankyou

  23. ALL vídeo = mechenics 0

  24. Половина отожраны, четверть противников глупо себя ведут. Бронза какая то

  25. Cant wait for this game to drop to mobile.

  26. Perfect Summer Vibes!🎶

  27. pha của fiora neeko làm hết

  28. Ho visto un italiano! 5:50

  29. 😄

  30. 2:08 pRo PlAyZzZz

  31. I got a league of legends commercial before this

  32. 00:00 senna ults PRO PLAY

  33. Who's waiting for Wild Rift?

  34. 4:02 that was lucky xD He’s even surprised hahaha

  35. 4:00 foi parar no bronzeocre

  36. Dota

  37. Ki ubole putosss

  38. Pro of what… I only see lucky mooves

  39. 0:38 volim kada vidim nase ljude.

  40. Nice

  41. Ashe ap 2/6 xd

  42. Lol people actually watch this 😂😂😂😂

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